Thursday 26 October 2017 - Santa Shoebox Project - The Charity Committee at DataSaint has once again selected the Santa Shoebox project as a charity to support this year. This project is of a personal nature as donors give much needed gifts to children whose names ages and genders are known. We are proud to support this charity initiative. || Thursday 12 October 2017 - DeltaERP Loom Monitors - Our brand new DeltaERP Loom Monitors were successfully installed and commissioned in a manufacturing plant. The monitors developed by DataSaint add value by enabling real-time digital data collection from any analogue source. This is just the start of exciting products to come. We are continuously Creating Intelligent Business Solutions to suit your business needs! || Monday 18 September 2017 - DataSaint Blog - Have you visited our blog yet? Visit to see our latest post about how important software updates are! ||

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